Root Canal Treatment

When the dental caries approaches the pulp or the surrounding tissues around pulp and periapical region it is treated with root canal procedure.

Initially these procedures were done in 3-4 sittings which often became tedious to the patient. But now these procedures can be completed in a single day and that too within 45-50 minutes.


In our clinic we have the best equipments for a successful endodontic treatment some are the apex locator, endo activator, obturation system, 12 types of endo files , rotary endo, touch ‘n’ heat system which further help in accomplishing root canal treatment in less time.

Now for a successful endodontic treatment complete removal of the necrotic Pulpal tissue and microorganisms should be achieved.  For this the accurate length of the root canals are determined which is achieved with apex locators and is used routinely in our clinic.

Single sitting root canal treatments are not limited to a group of teeth but can be performed in teeth with swelling and pus discharge also and that too without any pain.

Endoactivators helps in complete irrigation of the root canals by vigorously energizing the Intracanal irrigants during endodontic treatment. It also disrupts the smear layer and biofilm formed which is not achieved by any other equipment.

With the help of rotary endodontics proper cleaning and shaping of the root canals is done within no time. And proper obturation is possible with the help of obturation system.

At our clinic we provide the best treatment to the patient with our latest equipment in the least time and that too painless treatment. We have the One Of The best dental clinic in CENTRAL INDIA.